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Rave review in Publishers Weekly for Tremble

7th August 2013 Read more »

JUNE 2013

11th June 2013

So I'm now in the final drafts of the new thriller THE STOLEN (UK pub date Feb 2014), it had a difficult early development (although perhaps I'm getting a little more self-critical - not that I am already! Sometimes... Read more »

Eyes of the Sphinx

25th January 2010

Given the tremendous success of SPHINX in the UK, I thought I’d shared some insights into my writing/research process for my UK and Australian readers. In terms of thriller writers some of my favourites would be John Le Carre,... Read more »


17th December 2009

Flying Time I can’t believe it’s been a decade since 2000, I’m not sure whether it’s the number of noughts in these last ten years or whether the significant events (and I would count amongst these – the emergence of... Read more »


8th November 2009

I have to apologise profusely to my regular blog readers, I have been out with chronic bronchitis for eight weeks and only just got my personality and brain back sometime last week. Meanwhile in between dealing with absolutely zero... Read more »

Under rain,sun and dust

3rd October 2009

I am currently in Sydney, after a whirlwind visits to both Brisbane and Melbourne. As some readers might know I attended the Brisbane Writers Festival as a guest on several panels – most of which came under the bracket... Read more »

Gender Bender

31st August 2009

It’s been a big month for gender – with the globally publicised scandal of gender testing of Caster Semenya, the South African runner and the humiliating trails she has had to undergo to confirm her sex. Regardless of the... Read more »

On Aliens and Men

22nd August 2009

I’m about to head down to perform at the Brisbane Writers festival in a few weeks, but in the interim I have been brainstorming a couple of theatre projects and possible screenplay between the next big novel idea. Fertile... Read more »

Criminal Muse

9th August 2009

There was an interesting article a few weeks ago in the Australian papers citing a legal case in Western Australian wherein the Western Australian State government had frozen the bank account of an author who had co-written a book... Read more »

Castrating our own

25th July 2009

This week I’m posting a dialogue between the Australian writer of erotic fiction Linda Jaivin (Eat Me, A most Immoral woman) and myself, which is a humorous, but not outraged response to the statement released a few weeks ago... Read more »


The Map

1613: Shimon Mendiluze, a Spanish Jewish alchemist fleeing the Inquisition, is found guilty of witchcraft and burned at the stake in London. But...
Read more

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